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We have an excellent talent pool of candidates and review each individually before recommending them. We take a number of key factors into consideration to ensure they fit your environment & ethos.

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So here’s the problem

  • Your business lacks passionate employee’s
  • Holding onto your talented staff is becoming increasingly difficult
  • You cannot cope with bringing in new business because you are under resourced
  • Hiring costs are increasing
  • You struggle to find and attract top leading candidates in the North West
  • You are falling behind with the ever evolving market due to one or all of the issues above

If any of the above relates to you then do not worry – You are not alone. Our research and expertise has proven those are the top 5 hiring challenges in the Legal sector across the North West. We understand these challenges are a hindrance and it is causing headaches for owners and hiring managers.

Imagine you could solve those problems. What would that mean to you personally? What would that mean to your business?

What if you had a system implemented into the core of your business that consistently enabled you to attract, convert and deliver the type of staff you really want?

What if your business was full of passionate, highly skilled professionals that exceeded expectations on every task, winning new business for you.

  • What if hiring costs were irrelevant because of the value of your new hires brought in, at a realistic salary, giving you an incredible ROI?

You can achieve this kind of success, at Oliver Thomas our mantra is simply ‘Make it Happen’. Our promise is we make it happen for you every time.